**** MEMORY-SAFE ****


MEMORY-SAFE was written as an entry for the reset64 craptastic 2018 4K compo

After a very kind twitter friend (@roysterini) donated a set of C64 paddles to me, I decided to make a game that used them but was a little more craptastic that a simple pong varient!

Memory-safe was born. After a number of days getting the rotary dial to work well the rest of the game came together nicely.

Use a Paddle in port 1 or Joystick in port 2 (Paddles are really the best) To rotate the dial

Similar to the old game "simon" you must remember and repeat a long string of numbers, using the rotary dialer to accomplish this

You will need to remember 16 digits in a row for it to open and the prize to be shown!

All graphics and code by Jamie Fuller in 2018

Below is a fantastic review by panda64, I recommend you subscribe to his channel and follow him on twitter (here)

ZIP File containing D64 image. 5k bytes

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